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Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks – best fundraising product

The first (and usually the most complicated) question you are going to ask yourself when organizing a fundraiser is: “What to sell?” Cookies, doughnuts, or homemade pizza?

There are numerous rather good fundraising ideas, ranging from popcorn to salt nuts and books to fridge magnets. After all, almost any product you find in the market can be re-sold by your group to earn a profit. Still not all of them are good for your mission. Fortunately, there is one that will fit any needs – it’s Halenda’ s Pepperoni Sticks  and here is why:

  • Outstanding Taste Everybody Loves

    Who doesn’t like a pepperoni stick? Pepperoni is a product you can find in every fridge – people love it and would buy it. So, they will be willing to buy it from you to support your mission.

    Halenda’ s Sticks has a taste that is achieved  by using only high quality beef, seasoned with the right blend of premium spices and then naturally smoked for hours. Once you’ve tried these Pepperoni Sticks – a true pepperoni lover’s dream, you’ll stop searching for another!

  • High Saleability

    Halenda’s individually-wrapped Pepperoni Sticks do not need to be refrigerated, thus making them the best safe fundraising idea. Each batch of pepperoni sticks are prepared with care to ensure that they are cured to perfection. We individually wrap each pepperoni and place them in clear re-sealable bags that include a front pouch for your fundraisers information and money collection holder. Our product is delivered fresh to your door (within two weeks of ordering) and has a up to year shelf life.

  • Try Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks for your next fundraiser idea!

  • Low Fat Idea That’s Fit

    Halenda’s pepperoni sticks contain less fat than chicken wieners. Our product is a good choice for people who are concerned about what they eat.  No wonder that pepperonis are widely sold as a healthy alternative at snack bars in sport rinks. Still searching for a great fundraising idea for your sports team?

  • Safe Product For Kids and Adults

    Still wonder what Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks made of ? We have no secrets! Just 100% quality meat and best spices are used! Pepperoni Sticks are a safe all natural food for everyone – from kids to grown-ups.

    Pepperoni ingredients include no harmful compounds:

    • No Gluten
    • No MSG
    • No Dairy
    • No Peanut

    Everything mentioned above makes our Pepperoni Sticks one of the best fundraising ideas when compared to other popular options. Don’t offer sugary treats like chocolate and candies or promote foods that are salty and fat. Choose healthy and tasty, Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks!

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  • Halenda’s pepperoni ingredients

    Pork, salt, sugar, sodium erythorbate (antioxidant), spices, dextrose, sunflower oil, flavor, culture, sodium nitrite (food safety), natural smoke.

  •  Halenda’s Pepperoni Nutrition Facts

    • Calories                           110
    • Sodium                            500 mg
    • Total Fat                          7 g
    • Potassium                       0 mg
    • Saturated                        3 g
    • Total Carbs                     1 g
    • Polyunsaturated            1 g
    • Dietary Fiber                 0 g
    • Monounsaturated         0 g
    • Sugars                              1 g
    • Trans                                0 g
    • Protein                             10 g
    • Cholesterol                      35 mg
    • Vitamin A                        8%
    • Calcium                            2%
    • Vitamin C                        2%
    • Iron                                  4%

    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your needs.

  • Try Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks for your next fundraiser idea!

  • And Here Is What Our Client Has to Say About Us

  • Halenda’s pepperoni practically sells themselves! Here in Windsor we have a large Italian community who are very particular. My ten year old can bring them to school and her gluten free friends like them.

    Teresa T.Pres. Windsor Aquatic

    People are loving the “Pepperoni Stix”… we are running out of them

    Goldie O.Wildcats Hockey

    Our fundraiser went well… We will do it again this year

    Lori B. UxbridgeArmy Cadets

    They’re all sold… They’re the perfect item to leave at a workplace break room!!

    S. BreenWarriors Soccer
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