Fundraising Ideas for Ontario Schools

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Fundraising for Ontario Schools: A Good Idea Matters!

Whether you are a teacher, part of the PTA, a leader of a student club, or a family member, you know that finding a great fundraising idea is hard work! If the fundraising item is a hit, raising money is easier, and the whole campaign becomes much more enjoyable for both fundraisers and supporters. If you’ve raised money for a school-related initiative before, you know how important it is for it to be successful. In today’s economic environment, the purpose of a fundraiser may not only be for a specific activity or big ticket item. Sometimes, budget cuts make annual events unaffordable, creating a situation where children go without an essential part of their school year.

This is why a great fundraising idea goes a long way—easy, fun, and popular fundraising items help make successful fundraisers that exceed campaign targets!

  • Learning to Help Others

    Through fundraising, children enjoy working as a team to achieve their goal together—they’re shown how to be civic-minded at a young age! When children take part in a fundraiser at school, they become more aware of their role within society and experience the type of responsibility that they will encounter later in life. Their successful participation in the fundraiser helps them create a sense of self-esteem and underscores an essential principle that they will carry throughout their lives: the need to help others.
  • Impacts Everyone

    When a fundraiser is a success, it means that many great childhood experiences will be created! Great fundraiser ideas enable educational excursions such as field trips and concerts that help to extend how students learn. More exposure means more experience; this is how fundraising works to impact everyone involved!
  • Hard Work Pays Off

    The great thing about school fundraisers is that they teach children how hard work pays off; instead of just being a recipient of funds through a charitable donation, students become part of a money raising process. By taking a part in the initiative, children experience how to actually “earn” their success. This type of empowerment at an early age is healthy and helps to promote children to become productive members of society in the future.
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Looking for Delicious Fundraising Ideas for your School in Ontario?

  • Are you running out of ideas for the upcoming fundraising event for your school? Raise money the easy way with a simple and tasty product: Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks.

    Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks are naturally smoked and tender, with the tangy taste that everyone loves in a quality pepperoni product. They’re the perfect alternative to traditional fundraising items such as chocolate and candies.

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  • Why Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks

    • Contain absolutely no peanuts, gluten, dairy or MSG
    • Nutritional values are well within the range set for Ontario schools
    • Each Stick is individually wrapped
    • Requires no refrigeration
    • Has a shelf life of one year

Learn More

For over 30 years, Halenda’s has been proudly making amazing smoked meat products in Oshawa, Ontario. It’s proud to offer its Pepperoni Sticks as a way of helping fundraisers make a difference in communities across the province.

  • Try Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks for your next fundraiser idea!

  • And Here Is What Our Client Has to Say About Us

  • Halenda’s pepperoni practically sells themselves! Here in Windsor we have a large Italian community who are very particular. My ten year old can bring them to school and her gluten free friends like them.

    Teresa T.Pres. Windsor Aquatic

    People are loving the “Pepperoni Stix”… we are running out of them

    Goldie O.Wildcats Hockey

    Our fundraiser went well… We will do it again this year

    Lori B. UxbridgeArmy Cadets

    They’re all sold… They’re the perfect item to leave at a workplace break room!!

    S. BreenWarriors Soccer
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