Fundraising Ideas for Charities

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The Best Fundraising Ideas for Charities: Good Ideas Make a Great Cause!

Are you looking for the best idea to raise money for your favourite charity? Most charitable organizations depend on regularly raising funds just to keep the charity going. This is why organizations are continuously in pursuit of the best fundraising ideas.

Finding a good fundraising idea for charities can often be difficult. One wrong idea can lead the event into total chaos. Yet once a great fundraising idea for charities is found, the profile of your group will increase and all of the hard work will be able to truly help a great cause!


  • Charity Fundraising Ideas: Build and Explore

    To help increase sponsorship, members of the group should be building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities. By building on these connections and exploring new opportunities to fundraise, you will be able to find the most rewarding ways to support your charity and have new sources to call on for your next fundraising initiative.

  • Charity Fundraising Success: the Idea is to get the Word Out

    Every great charity fundraising idea can be boosted when well publicised. Since raising funds for charity is a cause that appeals to everyone, there should not be any limits to where you publicise and market your fundraiser. Notices placed on community notice boards, word-of-mouth, social networks, and simple leaflets can help the public understand your fundraising purpose.

  • Getting the most from your Charity Fundraising Ideas

    Once you have your charity fundraising idea selected and finish getting the word out, it is time to work on the donors you have connected with to try to raise the funds you set out to attain. Some common ways to work on donors include:

    • Motivating supporters to maximise the funds they are committed to donating
    • Inspire new supporters to raise money
    • Raising the awareness of the charity and its work on the local level
    • Writing letters or direct mailing to reach a wider range of potential donors
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Looking for a really Profitable Charity Fundraising Idea?

  • Is your group looking for new charity fundraising ideas? Raise money the easy way with a simple and tasty product: Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks.

     Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks are naturally smoked and tender, with the tangy taste that everyone loves in a quality pepperoni product. They’re the perfect alternative to traditional fundraising items such as chocolate and candies.

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  • Why Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks

    • Contain absolutely no peanuts, gluten, dairy or MSG
    • Nutritional values are well within the range set for Ontario schools
    • Each Stick is individually wrapped
    • Requires no refrigeration
    • Has a shelf life of one year
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For over 30 years, Halenda’s has been proudly making amazing smoked meat products in Oshawa, Ontario. It’s proud to offer its Pepperoni Sticks as a way of helping fundraisers make a difference in communities across the province.

  • Try Halenda’s Pepperoni Sticks for your next fundraiser idea!

  • And Here Is What Our Client Has to Say About Us

  • Halenda’s pepperoni practically sells themselves! Here in Windsor we have a large Italian community who are very particular. My ten year old can bring them to school and her gluten free friends like them.

    Teresa T.Pres. Windsor Aquatic

    People are loving the “Pepperoni Stix”… we are running out of them

    Goldie O.Wildcats Hockey

    Our fundraiser went well… We will do it again this year

    Lori B. UxbridgeArmy Cadets

    They’re all sold… They’re the perfect item to leave at a workplace break room!!

    S. BreenWarriors Soccer
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